About Us

Miteyda is a software development company with almost 10 years of experience in the Innovations and Technology. Starting from its establishment in 2014 under the CUSBEE name, the company has been successfully developing products and serving clients from various industries, including HoReCa, FinTech, Healthcare and iGov. Having Ukrainian roots, our teams have mostly worked for the North American and European markets, providing services for customers from the USA, the UK, Ireland, Germany, and other countries.

Alongside the company’s development, since 2018 the business’s founders have been launching pet projects, that grew into 3 successful startups. A mobile app FOODCORE allows users to find a restaurant nearby and book a table for eating out. Another our product TOUCHCORE was developed for restaurants’ self-service kiosks for ordering meals and payments processing. MEDCORE system provides the possibility to book doctor appointments, to organize clients’ visits, to manage procedures history and medical documentation, as well as to operate the hospital facilities. 

Based on received experience, in 2019 we launched the consultancy service for those who had started the projects with a software development company but didn’t get working applications or sufficient results. We implement crisis management approaches and offer our customers changes leading to the expected deliverables and almost always to the budget savings.