Customer experience

Customer experience, CX in business slang, is a term that includes every back-and-forth communication between a consumer and  a business. From the first click on a website to product selection, secure payment processing, delivery updates, and after-sales support, each moment is a chance to deliver standout service.

How fast does customer service respond? Or how fast should it respond? Quick, helpful responses are no longer just a bonus; they’re a customer expectation. Consultants check how fast customer service responds and offer easy-to-implement solutions, like adding creating FAQ sections, following up with AI chatbots and training customer service agents to have a better response rate.

Do digital platforms keep customers coming back? The goal is more than just having a slick website or a user-friendly app; it’s about making spaces that draw customers back. Consultants look at how engaging these platforms are and often suggest new features or complete makeovers to increase customer engagement.

Do loyalty programs actually keep customers loyal? Consultants evaluate whether loyalty programs offer real perks that create long-lasting customer bonds, or if they are just short-term lures. The focus is on crafting meaningful rewards that actually resonate with customers and encourage them to stay.

What new tech can make customer interaction better? There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Consultants start by checking what technologies the business is currently using and spot any gaps. Solutions could range from basic software updates to adding more advanced, AI-driven tools.

What training do staff need to meet customer needs? Effective training goes beyond just teaching scripts. Consultants often design customized training that focuses on building empathy, solving problems, and adapting the product to serve customers better.

How can the marketing segment be aligned with customer desires? A good marketing strategy reflects what customers really want. Consultants might suggest tweaks to ad campaigns or branding to make them more in line with what customers are looking for.

How do you know if your customer experience is working? Consultants rely heavily on metrics, using key performance indicators like customer retention rates and customer lifetime value to measure the quality of customer experience initiatives.

What KPIs give insights into customer experience success? Metrics like customer retention rates, how many new customers come in through referrals, and overall customer lifetime value are commonly used to assess current plans and shape future ones.

Why customer experience is crucial

In a marketplace full with choices, losing customers to competitors is easier than ever. That’s why it is absolutely essential for keeping customers engaged and satisfied. A slow-loading website, less-than-stellar customer service, or a complicated return policy can quickly send customers to a different website providing similar products or services.

So, how do you keep customers? Key performance indicators like the already-indicated customer retention rates, referral statistics, and customer lifetime value offer important clues. These numbers directly impact your business’s viability. Through customer experience consulting, data analysis zeroes in on issues and opportunities to improve these crucial metrics.

What makes customer experience so crucial? It’s not about quick fixes or isolated changes. The complete journey of loading the website, making a first casual click to the explore page and looking through products – makes all the difference. These first steps lead to either a successful acquisition, a secure payment, and an automated after-sale support, or make the customer return to the google page in seconds. Every active button matters. Consultants help businesses make sure each touchpoint aligns with broader company goals. The aim isn’t just to meet customer expectations but to exceed them, transforming occasional buyers into lifelong brand advocates.

What’s more – in the online world, opinions spread like wildfire. Social media amplifies the importance of managing your brand’s reputation and one bad review can go viral, causing damage that is unnecessary for your brand’s lifespan. That is why customer experience consulting also defines strategies to handle customer feedback and maintain a strong brand image effectively.

Consulting services in the area of customer experience offer targeted, actionable guidance to have a grand overview on the constantly evolving customer landscape.

Understanding customer experience 

At its core, customer experience is woven from every approach that a consumer has with a business. It’s a narrative that starts with the tiniest details and extends to broader vistas of the customer journey. To truly grasp the intricacies of CX, one must delve into the comprehensive elements that form its fabric.

First and foremost, CX is dynamic. With technological advancements and changing consumer preferences, what was effective a year ago might not hold the same weight today. Just think of the way technology has evolved. Today, a simple query can be addressed by AI-driven chatbots, saving time for both the customer and the service provider. Yet, this tech solution must feel genuine, not robotic, ensuring customers still feel valued and heard.

Moreover, the digital space is ever-expanding, with websites and apps becoming the primary storefronts for many businesses. But does your digital platform truly speak your brand’s language? It’s not enough to simply be online; the online experience must be seamless, intuitive, and, above all, engaging. If a customer feels lost on a webpage, they’re but a click away from a competitor’s welcoming digital arms.

Yet, technology and digital platforms are just parts of the puzzle. Behind every tool, there’s a human element. The training and empowerment of staff to use these tools effectively and empathetically are paramount. After all, technology serves to enhance human interaction, not replace it. When a customer calls, they might be greeted by an AI initially, but when they reach a human representative, that interaction should be informed, empathetic, and effective.

Another point worth noting is the synergy between marketing and CX. While marketing might draw customers in, it’s the experience they encounter that will determine their longevity with the brand. Every advertisement, every campaign, every post should resonate with the genuine experience a customer can expect.

Building on this, CX is important in all industries. But in some areas, like retail, healthcare, and financial services, it’s even more crucial. This is because customers in these sectors interact with businesses often and in ways that really matter. So, the quality of their experience can greatly influence their decisions and loyalty.

The role of customer experience consulting services

The complexities of delivering an exceptional customer experience call for expertise and guidance. Here is a list of 8 value propositions of customer experience strategy consulting services.

Expert analysis

– What’s done: consultants analyze how customers interact with a business, be it through a website, store, or support channels.

– Value delivered: spotting problems that might otherwise go unnoticed. Think of this customer experience service as detective work for customer satisfaction.

Emotional connection mapping

– What’s done: consultants analyze emotional touchpoints across the customer journey.

– Value delivered: businesses can then foster positive emotional connections, increasing brand loyalty.

Customer journey

– What’s done: designing the optimal path customers should take from awareness to conversion and beyond.

– Value delivered: Streamlined processes lead to increased conversions and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Multichannel strategy

– What’s done: crafting strategies based on findings that ensure consistency across all channels, be it online, offline, mobile, or in-store.

– Value delivered: customers receive a unified experience regardless of how they interact with a business.

Tech guidance

– What’s done: consultants recommend the latest tools and tech to elevate customer interactions.

– Value delivered: no guesswork about which tech solutions suit specific needs.


– What’s done: consultants offer specialized training, improving team’s interactions with customers and the use of new tools.

– Value delivered: a well-equipped and educated team.

Loyalty programs optimization

– What’s done: evaluating and refining customer loyalty programs.

– Value delivered: enhancing customer retention and increasing lifetime value.

Why not DIY?

While it might seem feasible to improve things independently, customer experience consultants specialize in this realm. Their expertise can lead to time, money, and hassle savings in the long run. It’s the difference between attempting repairs without expertise and taking an on someone talent to ensure the right repairs.

Picking the right customer experience consulting provider

Selecting the right customer experience consulting firm is crucial. The right partner can illuminate the path to enhanced customer experiences, facilitate overcoming obstacles, and ensure that customer experience initiatives yield significant results.

The track record and expertise of the consulting firm should be a primary consideration. Seek out a consultant with proven success in delivering effective customer experience strategies for companies that are of similar descent to yours.

Next, the firm’s understanding of the latest technologies and trends should be evaluated. They should demonstrate practical knowledge of how to leverage these advancements to enhance customer experience.

The consultant’s approach is also paramount. Look for a firm that takes a comprehensive, tailored approach, considering your unique needs and goals. They should understand your business deeply and craft solutions that align with your vision and objectives.

Lastly, consider the cultural fit and communication style. Effective customer experience transformation requires clear, transparent communication at all levels of your organization. Your chosen consultant should resonate with your values and seamlessly integrate into your company culture.

Our case studies

Our portfolio of case studies in customer experience IT solutions showcases how we transform customer interactions, optimize workflows, and enhance overall satisfaction across different sectors. We dive deep into your specific challenges to craft strategies that align with both business objectives and customer expectations.


When we partnered with a healthcare provider encumbered by an outdated patient accounting system, we took a holistic, customer-centric approach to drive transformative change. We identified pain points and inefficiencies through advanced data analytics, which allowed us to streamline their accounting system in a targeted manner. By reducing burdensome paperwork and mitigating frequent data loss, we significantly eased the administrative load on healthcare professionals. Furthermore, we implemented AI-driven customer service solutions to guide patients through the administrative process, reducing manual errors and allowing doctors to focus on patient care.

The results were overwhelmingly positive: patient satisfaction scores soared, with patients relishing the newfound ease of transferring medical data and pulling up historical records. Moreover, doctors reported a notable increase in job satisfaction, reduced stress levels, and more time to focus on providing quality patient care, thereby leading to a healthier and more efficient healthcare environment.

Restaurant Chain

For a client owning a chain of restaurants, we undertook a comprehensive customer experience audit to identify bottlenecks in service and employee performance. Utilizing CRM data analytics, we introduced a gamified employee engagement program that not only ignited a spirit of competition among staff but also led to the quick and proactive resolution of customer issues. This was all part of our multi-layered strategy to improve the internal culture and customer-facing services simultaneously.

The impact of this change was almost immediate. Serving times were drastically slashed, while customer reviews increasingly began mentioning the excellent service and reduced wait times. Customer loyalty began to increase, and as a result, this all culminated in a 30% boost in profits for the chain. This increased profitability empowered the client to introduce new benefits and incentives for their now highly-motivated and performance-oriented staff.


In the tourism sector, we focused on revamping the entire booking experience to meet modern traveler expectations. Our consulting in digital transformation involved a comprehensive approach, from designing intuitive UI/UX interfaces to incorporating real-time updates and options for seat and cruise selection. Through a robust and user-friendly Micro Frontend MFE for the FAQ section, we could serve instant, relevant solutions to common customer queries, thereby heightening customer engagement.

Additionally, we implemented a unified platform for property management companies dealing with short-term rentals, incorporating AI-powered chatbots to handle booking inquiries and provide immediate customer support. This platform seamlessly synchronized listings from multiple travel agencies like Airbnb, Booking, and Expedia, thereby resulting in a more streamlined and efficient booking process for customers. The travel companies experienced reduced customer experience service tickets and increased booking conversions, illustrating the efficacy of our approach.

Team Assembly & Leadership

A distinctive case involved a client facing stalled project implementation due to an inefficient team structure. Leveraging our expertise in human-centered design thinking, we conducted a thorough reevaluation of the team dynamics and project requirements. This led to a strategic restructuring of the team to include a skilled Team Leader and a part-time UX/UI designer, who specialized in creating intuitive user interfaces that would better meet customer expectations.

Upon this restructuring, the client not only saw a substantial reduction in operational costs but also successfully launched the first product version within a month. The speed and quality of this product launch validated the critical role of targeted team assembly and leadership in enhancing both employee and customer experiences. Moreover, it provided a strong business case for how focused customer journey consulting can accelerate product time-to-market while ensuring high-quality customer interactions.

Through these detailed case studies, we aim to convey the effectiveness of customer experience consulting in addressing complex operational challenges while significantly elevating customer satisfaction. Our approach is both granular and strategic, focusing on specific challenges while keeping an eye on long-term goals. Our expertise extends from the technical details to the overarching strategy, ensuring that your business is not just solving immediate issues but is also optimally positioned for sustainable growth and success.

Your journey to superior customer experiences

So it all starts from presenting experiences to customers that are memorable. However, in a good-memorable-way and not as one-time initiative. CX requires constant deep insights, strategic planning, and seamless execution.

With our deep expertise, customer journey consulting can instantly build out the right customer experiences for your users. We can take you through all the steps from seeing what your customers see to devising the next steps, overcoming obstacles, and making the necessary changes.

And remember customer experience is a journey of human perception that follows with innovative tech, and improves your deliverables. Therefore, partnering with customer experience firms that can provide ongoing support is essential.

When you are ready to take on your journey of improving customer experiences – contact us, to discover how our customer experience consulting services can help you deliver the experiences that win over customer loyalty and drive business overall. Together, let’s shape what will be the right future of your product’s customer experience.